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Countries weight differently in Alexa Ranking

With many years of alexa ranking expertise, we understand well the difference of weight for different countries in Alexa system, which has been constantly changed by the system. That is why your alexa rank could go up and down sharply from time to time, without much variation in the web traffic stats.Such is caused by the adjustment in country weight in Alexa system. For example, your web traffic comes mainly from US and Alexa decreases the weight of US data some day, your global alexa rank would fall rapidly. Such cases are usually seen for websites with mainly US or CN data. So we could see that the alexa ranks of these sites take roller-coaster rides now and then.

Such changes in country weight bring a lot of troubles to alexa ranking service providers like us. We have been seeking for the pattern and a thorough solution for such changes. However, unfortunately these changes take place many times a year and seem completely freestyle. It seems someone in the leadership wake up one morning and simply say "do it", and it is done. There is no clue how and why the changes are done, and no analysis has been published by Alexa.

In the age of Big Data, it is so ridiculous for Alexa to behave that unprofessional. Could Big Data Analysis be done before any change? As a well-known ranking system, any change should be done gradually,dynamically, and faintly. Simply and crude changes only lead to negative user experience. Science and tequnology is no game!

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