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How to remove certified metrics?

Certified metrics is a function of AlexaPro and helps to show detailed geographic distribution of alexa data. Actually it is also a main money-making method for alexa.com - People could only use it after paying. And the rank would often get worse with certified metrics.

As an established alexa ranking service provider, we have found certified metrics helpless while improving alexa rank. That is why we strongly suggest our clients to cancel certified metrics before ordering our alexa ranking packages. But how to cancel it? When signed up AlexaPro, site owners need to turn on Cerified Metrics in their Alexa.com accounts, and they would be asked to copy and paste a section of codes to their sites to enable the certified metrics. So when we need to cancel it, we go the reverse way.

1. Remove the section of codes that was added after signing up Certified Metrics.
2. Sign into your alexa.com account.
3. Click your account ID on the right upper part.

4. Click "Account management".

5. Click the "Site settings"

6. Click "Configure metrics display"

7. Set all the options to "Estimated Metrics".


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