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Inconceivable problem of Alexa system!

The end of September was a hard time for us-we had been waiting for the regular update of alexa data but the update was far behind original schedule! We did some research and found it was cause by some problem in Alexa system! Alexa published a notice regarding the problem at https://alexa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203252440-Traffic-Updates-are-Behind-Schedule.  

It is so beyond logic and above reason that such a universal company does not backup its data properly. Such an accidental incident,even though fixed 8 days later, has caused extensive and irreversible data lost for ALL the sites, including alexa.com itself!As a well-established alexa ranking service provider, we have been dedicated in providing the best alexa ranking service for all the clients.We are much more concerned with the alexa ranks of our clients than themselves. We would keep on providing the best alexa ranking service as always. Thank you for the support and trust from all our clients!

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