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Up-to-date method to claim your site at Alexa.com

Usually it is not a must to claim your site at Alexa.com. But sometimes Alexa.com mixes up different sites. For example, when you look up your domain at Alexa.com, it could show the information of another domain. Another point of claiming your site is that you will be able to take control of your site listing on Alexa and edit the site listing information.
Here are the steps to claim your site at Alexa.com:
1.Visit Alexa.com, click "Sign Up" on the right upper part:

2.Enter your email address.

3.Alexa.com would send a confirmation email to the email address you have submitted.

4.Check the confirmation email and click the verification link in it.

5.Set your password for your Alexa account.

6.You will be taken to your account at Alexa.com. Click "+Add My Site" on the right, and input your domain name.

7. You do not have to choose any package on this page if you do not wish to pay. Scroll to the lower part and click "claim a site".

8.Enter your domain name and click "continue"

9. Upload contents as required to claim your site. Option 1 and 2 are all OK. Let´s take Option 2 for example.

10. Copy the meta tag verification ID offered and add it to the section of your homepage HTML. Click "Verify my ID".


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