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Improvement in Alexa algorithm

In the new edition of Alexa, many more factors have been introduced in order to get more accurate ranks of site impact. Please note that it is rank of impact, not rank of web traffic. That is why many sites with huge amount of web traffic could not get an alexa rank matching their traffic, such as the novel websites.


These factors may include social bookmark, search engines, external links, traffic origin, traffic quality, and so on. It is notable that, although part of the data still come from Alexa Toolbar, it is possible that Alexa purchase data from or exchange data with some third parties, including traffic stats and social sites, which could relatively reflect the popularity of a website.


With our professional evaluations, the reasons why a site could obtain high alexa rank may include:
1. Large number of installation of Alexa Toolbar;
2.Large amount of web traffic from search engines;
3.Large amount of web traffic from social media;
4.Longer time-on-site and lower bounce rate.

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